Frequently Asked Questions

Does the people counter also fit my BARRIER?

Yes, the people counter is suitable for almost all types of round tube barriers. Thanks to its universal plate, adjustable horizontally and vertically, the sensors can be easily positioned both in the vertical part and in the horizontal part of the barrrier.

My barrier is made with oval, square or rectangular tube. Can I install your people counter?

Yes, of course. Our people counting system can also adapt to this type of barrier. The only thing you have to check is the dimensions of the pipe, as our barriers are not from standard production

I can not adapt the people counter to my barrier, what can I do?

Noproblems, the 2BOX columns are made for this. The sensors are perfectly integrated with the column, so they can be placed alongside the barrier quickly and easily.

I use belt tensioning columns to delimit the access in a specific area. Can I use also the people counter?

Of course! We have created a special aluminum plate that allows you to easily plasce sensors on the belt tensioning columns.

Can the people counter also be placed on 2BOX barriers?

Of course! The sensors integrate perfectly with the 2BOX Safety Line & Promo Line modular folding barriers.

I don't have power, can I use the 2BOX people counting system?

Of course, the system in the “Easy version" operates with a battery, which lasts about one year.

When should I use the electricity with the 2BOX people counting system?

When you need to use signal repeaters, data collection unit, traffic lights or visual displays.

Can I memorize the accesses?

Yes, you can store the accesses. By using the version with the monitoring software, you can store accesses and obtain detailed statistics on access and attendance flows.

Can I create statistics?

Of course. By using the monitoring software you can get general and detailed statistics relating to people access flows and attendances in certain areas.

Can I create multiple entry and exit gates?

Yes. It is possible to create more entrances and exits.

Can I divide the monitoring on macro areas?

Of course, it is possible to carry out monitorings for overall values ​​and also for macro areas.

Is the 2BOX people counter used only for security reasons?

No, actually the 2BOX people counting system is often used to carry out marketing and rating evaluations on the success of an event.

Where can I see the number of people inside a specific area in real time?

It depends on the type of monitoring that you’re looking for. You can see attendances in real time inside a specific area on the photocell display, on the control unit display, but also on the display and using the monitoring software interface.

How can I block people at the entrance?

Thanks to our traffic light connected directly to the data collection control unit, once the maximum limit of the area is reached, it turns red by blocking the flow of people.

There is also the chance to have an optional display that can be connected to the unit, where you can see alerts or warning messages that can be displayed to allow or block access to people.

Does the people counter allow the optimization of the resources of an event?

Of course, as it allows you to know in advance the level of saturation of a specific area. In this way, organizers can optimize the number of people employed for the security of the event.

Can the people counter be installed independently?

Yes, because as you place photocells, they align themselves automatically. Further, also the control units, in the most complex systems, detect automatically the sensors and communicate both in entrance and exit.

The sensors are easily placed on the barriers, by connecting the universal plate to the vertical or horizontal structure. WIth the same easy operation, you can also place the belt tensioning.

If you have 2BOX columns available, the operation is even simpler, as the sensors are perfectly integrated with the column. So, you have only to place the column and the system starts working

In what kind of event, can we use the people counter?

There is no limit to the types of events where you can use the people counter. In general, it cna be used in sporting events, fairs, square events, festivals, concerts, cultural events.

Can I make multiple delimited areas?

Of course, you can create multiple delimited areas, by organizing macro and micro areas, with several accesses, both entrances and exits.

I have only one entrance. Can I count the people's entrances and exits anyway? Can I know the attendances in real time?

Yes, because the system, even with a single gate, can detect the flow in and out also if it is used individually. Consequently, it is possible to know the number of people present in a specific area.

Is the people counting system supplied individually or together with the columns or barriers?

The people counting system is supplied individually. Both you buy it and rent it, you can use it with the additional available tooll. Accordint to the customer requests, it is also possible to supply the 2BOX columns and barriers.

Are the 2BOX barriers, both in the Safety Line version and in the Promo Line version, self-supporting?

Yes, by creating an angle and opening the panels to 90 degrees or even less, the barriers have the correct stability.

I have a 3-panel barrier, can I add another panel?

Certainly. The panels of the 2BOX Safety Line and Promo Line barrier can be hooked individually thanks to the joint that allows a quick and easy hooking and unhooking. In this way, you can create barriers with any number of panels: 2 pcs., 3 pcs, 4 pcs, etc.

Are the panels with the graphics of the barriers approved for fire prevention purposes?

Yes, as they are approved and made with class B1 flame-retardant material.

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