Separator Column

More than a simple containment system

The 2BOX Pro separator column is not just a simple containment system where it is possible to apply chains or delimiters: this solution has been designed to be used with lots of functions.

In addition to delimit paths, separate inflow and outflow areas, limit or not allow the access to certain areas, the 2BOX -columns have lots of accessories like dispenser holders (for example, on them you can put sanitizing gel dispencer, sample bottles for tastings, etc.) , product trays (such as glove boxes, plastic bags, manual thermoscanner, etc.), table shelves (to place product displays or brochures, but also to allow the compilation of forms), universal plate where you can affix signs, information and much more.

An important and exclusive accessory of our separator columns is the universal plate: thanks to it, you can install people counter photocells, which allow the counting of entering and leaving people in delimited areas in a simple and effective way.

The 2BOX separator columns are available in black, but they can be customized according to customer needs. They can also be customized at the base with the application of a special magnetic that it’s very quick to apply and thanks to that your column will be transformed into an effective communication tool.

Separating columns: accessories available


Diameter 100 mm – Weight 0.40 kg
The dispenser holder plate can be put both in the upper part of the pipe and directly on the wall thanks to the two holes on the vertical side of the plate. Thanks to the universality of this solution, it is possible to use the dispenser / bottle holder plate in any condition and place. You can use bottles up to a diameter of less than 100 mm.


Dimensions 130 × 230 mm – Weight 0.38 kg

You can put everything in our product tray, from products to tools. It is particularly suitable to store disposable gloves, product samples, testing tools, etc.


Thanks to our universal plate it is possible to apply the people counter photocells,our data collection unit, signs and lots more, together with chains and ropes on its built-in hooks.


Dimensions 300 × 300 mm – Weight 3.43 kg
Made of 5 mm thick steel. It’s particularly suitable to support product displays and it is often used as reception points where it is possible to register people, carry out surveys, collect information, fill out forms, test products and much more.

Separating columns: a single solution for multiple applications

Thanks to the 2BOX Pro columns you can organize the flows of people, prohibit the access to certain areas, signal inaccessible areas, avoid the temporary access to delimited areas. The great range of accessories allows to add on them support surfaces, gel holder plates, shelves, monitors and signaling displays to the columns.

  • Great design
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Modular
  • Equipped with accessories
  • Partition of Areas
  • Organization of peple flows
  • Count people


The anti-COVID security regulations are very restrictive and commit shops, bars, restaurants and public environments in general to regulate access to certain areas with the distancing of people in order to avoid gatherings. The 2BOX -Pro-columns allow the organization and distancing of people, by delimiting the access to certain areas, and thanks to the people-counting photocells, they can limit access in certain areas, monitoring entrances, exits and presences of people in a determined area.
In addition, thanks to their accessories, they make easy the sanitation of people during access with the dispenser holder plate , the registration of people thanks to table top, and the visual signaling through the application of printed graphics or the use of LED displays.

  • Gel holder accessory
  • Accessory for Table Top
  • People counting photocell accessory
  • Easy to affix graphics
  • Delimitation of areas
  • Distancing people
  • Block access of areas

People counter

The 2BOX people counting photocells allow a full control of people flows in certain areas. They can be perfectly integrated with the 2BOX columns and allow the monitoring of access to areas in real time.
The installation times are very short and you don’t need electricity. 2BOX columns with photocells are available in the “Easy version”or in more advanced solutions in order to control multiple areas and multiple accesses, with also the use of traffic lights and advanced monitoring and statistical software.

  • Control of entrances in real time
  • Control of exist in real time
  • Monitoring of presences in determiated area
  • Advanced analysis of flows and statistics
  • Installation in a few minutes
  • Availability to customize the monitoring of an area following customer needs

Ideal for:

  1. Shops
  2. Markets
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Shopping centers
  5. Exhibitions
  6. Offices
  7. Convention centers
  8. Sport events
  9. Festivals
  10. Concerts
  11. Theaters
  12. Cinema
  13. Square events

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