Thanks to their great handling, high visibility and high stability the 2BOX Safety Barriers (Patent no. 102021000004040) allow to secure temporary work areas in an effective and safe way.

By also using images and signs on the graphics, available in standard or customized versions, our barriers allow to observe safety requirements following law 81/08 and reported in D.U.V.R.I.

They are particularly suitable in the industrial maintenance and protection sector, machinery protection, temporary work, to signal work in progress, but also in the medical field in the health sector. They are particularly suitable as anti-COVID-19 barriers, in the creation of guided paths and for maintaining adequate social distancing.



Thanks to their light weight, their modularity and availability in single or double-sided versions, the 2BOX- promotional barriers are the ideal solution for a communication with a great visual impact.

Easy to install and self-supporting, they can be purchased according to size and quantity desired by the customer. Thanks to the metal feet obtained from the vertical tubes, they can be positioned on any type of ground condition.

Further, the opportunity to use accessories, such as base plates and pegs, guarantees the 2BOX promotional barriers greater stability and a better wind resistance in order to mitigate the sail effect, which other similar products would not be able to counter. All the accessories are easy to install thanks to the “One Lap” method, which allows you to attach pegs or feet quickly, quickly and safely.

The 2BOX promotional barriers are particularly suitable for sporting events, sports associations, professional and non-professional teams, fairs, festivals, shopping centers and more.



Safety Line – standard size: L 0.8 – H 1.0 m, available and purchasable in single panels. They can be assembled directly by the user. Single-sided. It’s possible also to obtain double-sided panels measuring 1.0 × 1.0 m.

Promo Line – standard size: L. 1.0 – H. 1.0 m, available and purchasablein single panels. Two graphic options available: single-sided and double-sided. Fully customizable graphics.

Patent (Patent Pending – application no.102021000004040)




Led Display

Get an interactive communication with maximum visual impact for successful in-store and outdoor marketing campaigns.

  • Exhibitions
  • Car salon
  • Temporary Shop
  • Showroom
  • Events
  • Shopping centers
  • Shops
  • Sport events
  • Theaters
  • Pharmacies


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