2BOX presents the universal flow monitoring system

2BOX presents the universal flow monitoring system

2BOX is pleased to present the new monitoring system for zones, areas and access flows. Thanks to the 2BOX brand-system, that you can rent and purchase, it is possible to carry out an accurate monitoring of areas, verifying the access flows of people both at the entrance and at the exit, constantly checking the exceeding of the capacity of a specific area.

The innovative system allows a temporary or permanent installation of the photocells in a few minutes: the 2BOX sensors do not require electricity and can be positioned in any area. Thanks to their ease, many types of controls can be created, from the simplest ones with a single gate, to more complex monitorings, with numerous entries and exits or by dividing different areas. The interface system with its traffic lights or signaling displays, allows you to block the entry of people into an area that has reached the maximum level of saturation. Once the area becomes free, the system automatically allows new people the entrance.

It’s avaiable also a specific software that allows the storage of entrances and exits and also the creation of statistics, that allow a careful assessment of the criticalities incurred during the event is also available. But not only. Thanks to the obtained statistics, it is possible to optimize the opening of areas at set times, or a better organization of the security staff according to the flow history obtained from previous monitoring.

2BOX provides the sensors with the universal plate that allows their east application on barriers, on belt tensioning columns, barriers, walls. 2BOX can also provide, on request, the system already installed on its special columns that allow the user to install them, in complete autonomy. You’ll need just few moments to install them and be operative in complete safety. 2BOX barries are also optimal for those who manage events of daily duration and they have just a little time available to set up and uninstall all the required structures, including barriers.

  1. Easy to install
  2. Counting reliability
  3. System scalability to allow the monitoring of multiple doors
  4. Possibility of system upgrade with software interface on PC, on online server, for consultation of statistics
  5. Universal hooking: it is possible to install it on any type of barrier, on the normal separator columns and on the special 2BOX columns. These ones allow also the distancing of people, sanification and registration of people before entering the area

The 2BOX people countier photocells can be used indiscriminately with most of the barriers avaiable in the market, with a simple and quick hooking system, which allows them to be installed in several positions: on horizontal or vertical tubes with a diameter between 18 mm and 50 mm.


Thanks to its universal plate, the people countier photocells can be put to the 2BOX columns and be positioned in any area without any difficulty.

The possibility of combining the people counter with these dedicated columns allows you to take advantage of all the accessories available for the 2BOX columns such as dispenser holders, products trays, table tops, etc …


Thanks to the universal plate, the people counter photocells can be put on the 2BOX modular folding barriers and be positioned in any area without any difficulty.

The chance to combine the people counter with these barriers allows you to use all the accessories available for the 2BOX barriers such as base plate, dispenser holder, table shelves, etc …


They can be easily put on the common separating columns with tensioning belt, usually made with tubes starting from a diameter of 40 mm up to 60 mm. The special coupling collar allows the sensors to be installed in a few minutes

  • sport events
  • cultural events concerts
  • conventions
  • conferences
  • shows
  • Local markets
  • fairs
  • festivals
  • anti-covid security
  • marketing
  • Civil protection for monitoring access to temporarily off-limits areas