Promo Line Barrier

The foldable modular barrier for advertising communication

Promo Line, our foldable modular barrier, is an innovative and patented solution which is ideal for advertising communication. Available in two heights, H100 and H200, it is made with an aluminium tubular frame which is remarkably robust and light.

It is available in single-sided and double-sided versions and can be printed with both standard and customised graphics. The graphics panels are made of PVC and certified class B for fire resistance, or in TNT, and can be replaced in a practical and autonomous way.

Promo Line Barrier H100

Easy to assemble, the Promo Line barrier for advertising communication comes in a handy montage box. Once assembled in a corner formation the structure will be self-supporting.

Promo Promo Line H200

Developed for visual and advertising communication, the barrier is easy to assemble, sturdy and lightweight. Just construct a corner formation to make it self-supporting.

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