Promo Line wall H 200

Promo Line wall H 200

Developed for visual communication and advertising, it is easy to assemble: strong and light, just create a corner to be self-supporting

Dimensions and features

As in the previous version, the arrangement of the product turns out to be simple and easy. This is possible thanks to the flexible and modular configuration of the Promo Line barrier, which takes up little space and can be easily transported.

In its 200 cm version, the panel can be 1.0×2.0 meters wide or 1.5×2.0 meters wide. Thanks to the special hinged connection, it is possible to create different sizes, compose and disassemble barriers according to needs. The weight, as can be seen from the diagram, is small compared to the quantity of modules inserted: this demonstrates the product’s ability to be comfortable and above all… light! Also available with width mt. 0.5 and 0.8 m.

Useful accessories for greater stability

Thanks to the special hinge connection, we also offer the possibility of creating barriers in different sizes. Different types of useful accessories are also available such as the support plate, the ground anchor stake, the joint for overlapping two panels and the support for the concrete base intended exclusively for very windy areas

Easy to transport and to assemble, find out more!

Ideal for areas and sectors such as:
  • conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • festivals
  • Showroom
  • Shopping centers
  • shops 
  • Sport events

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