Foldable modular barriers: general information

The patented modular foldable barrier is made with an aluminum tubular frame and its qualities are strength and lightness. It’s easy to install by the operator and supplied in a practical assembly box, it is available in two different panel sizes: 0.8 × 1.0 meters wide or, alternatively, 1.0 × 1.0.
  • Quick and easy installation, with its modular and foldable structure and reduced clearance make it easy to transport
  • Possibility to realize barriers of different sizes thanks to the special hinge coupling
  • Simple to assemble according to customer different needs
  • Available in single-sided and double-sided versions, both with standard and customized graphics on customer request (for the Safety Red-Line and Yellow Line models)
  • Practical and easy in the replacement of graphic panels
  • Self-supporting frame to create a corner
  • Graphic panel made of PVC with class B1 flame-retardant material
  • Wide range of accessories (support plate, stake, disinfectant holder plate, hook for people-counting photoelectric sensors)


The safety in the use is guaranteed by the metal feet positioned at both ends, which put the frame raised above the ground. Infact, thanks to them, the barrier will have a stable base on all types of terrain, including those with irregular surfaces. Its great versatility makes our barrier a perfect tool for the delimitation of temporary work areas and for the safety in work areas, both for operators and for anyone who may enter in the intervention space.

  • Visible delimitation of the area
  • Signals in full compliance with current regulations
  • Availability of the barrier in the single-sided or double-sided version
  • Standard graphics (for common uses)
  • Possibility of customization with logos, signs, communications and colors


The 2BOX modular foldable barrier is ideal for use for advertising and communication purposes thanks to its great ease of transport, quick installation and strong frame. You can install in any type of environment, both indoor and outdoor, and therefore it’s an effective solution for sporting events, in-store or outdoor promotional events, conferences, fairs, promotions in shopping centers.

  • Printable with any graphics
  • High quality materials: aluminum frame and PVC graphic panels with class B1 flame-retardant material
  • Replacement of graphic panels in full autonomy
  • Table top to be used as desk
  • Optional support plate to be used as additional weight on the base of the barrier

Social distancing / Anti-COVID-19

The 2BOX modular barrier is effective to follow and respect the anti-COVID-19 social distancing rules and it can be used within hospitals, healthcare companies, nursing homes and clinics, as it allows a quick and efficient path marking as well as separation of any off-limits areas. Thanks to its lightness, modularity and the ability to add or remove panels, by reducing or increasing the size of the barrier in full autonomy, you’ll modify easily the paths according to different needs.

  • Effective separation of access areas
  • Create orderly directions of people
  • Clear delimitation of different areas
  • Safety signals and warnings
  • Ideal for sanitizing operations thanks to the convenient dispenser holder
  • Efficient to register people thanks to the presence of a table-top used as desk

EASY People Counter

It’s an unique and essential accessory for those who need to limit access to certain areas. It’s perfect completion to 2BOX modular foldable barriers because it allows you to count entrances and exits. In this way, you can know in real time the exact number of people who entered in certain areas, by ensuring an effective monitoring and organizing a possible block to accesses. It’s the right solution to avoid overcrowding and all the risks they can create.

  • Quick assemble, disassemble and install
  • Count of incoming and outcoming People
  • Current monitoring of access to a specific area
  • Block of entering people in certain areas at risk of saturation
  • No need for electricity
  • Easy management of multiple entrances and exits
  • Additional accessories: Traffic light and advanced monitoring software

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