Display Easy

Patented Modular Displays

Aesthetic, stable and robust; these are the main features that distinguish the modular displays of the 2BOX line.

Available in several standard sizes (height 100 and 200 cm), Display Easy consists of a lightweight raw aluminium structure which is self-supporting and can be customised in multiple ways.

The freestanding display you may need right away

The fabric of TNT displays can be printed on both sides and allows multiple graphic settings to be used on a single banner.

Depending on how you want it, you can customise the display with logos, images, and advertisements.

Size and features

Due to installation of individual panels, stability is given by the wide range of accessories that allow the displays to be set up on any type of terrain and in any weather conditions.

In addition, the special vertical joint allows two barriers to be stacked one on top of the other, making it possible to change just a few parts in a matter of moments.

Displays are available in different sizes as follows. Thanks to the special fittings, they can be assembled and dismantled as needed.

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Thanks to the lightness of the aluminium structure, the display is quick and easy to transport. Installation is made more effective thanks to accessories that support the display on all types of terrain; the support plate which allows greater stability in wind, the picket to anchor the display to the ground, the joint for overlapping two panels and the concrete plinth support intended for extremely windy areas.

Easy to transport and quick to install, discover the size of the panels

Ideal for areas and sectors such as:


  • Conferences
  • Car salons
  • Showrooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Sporting events
  • Sports associations
  • Professional teams

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