Events and public spaces

The 2BOX line, ideal for interacting and engaging

Events and public spaces are two closely related concepts that refer to places and situations where people can interact and participate in the social life of the community.

Public events are organised activities that take place in public places, such as squares, parks, streets and other open spaces accessible to all. Public events can include concerts, festivals, demonstrations, art exhibitions and other activities involving the local community.

To communicate, interact and engage in these contexts, our products in the 2BOX line can be used, including: Promo Line, Display Easy, Stand Evolution and Desk Evolution.

Discover effective communication with Promo Line and Display Easy

The Promo Line barrier is the ideal choice for those who want to promote their business through an effective and versatile advertising medium. Thanks to its ability to adapt to any environment, indoor or outdoor, the Promo Line is perfect for events and fairs.

The portability and ease of assembly of Display Easy, on the other hand, makes it perfect for this type of context, offering an effective solution to capture the attention of the public.

Display Easy is the ideal choice for those looking for a practical and versatile way to share their advertising message.

Stand and Desk Evolution: The perfect mix for interaction at public events

Absolutely unique in its kind, Stand Evolution is ideal for events and public places: its visual impact, practical installation and the possibility to customise graphics leave no doubt that a more than effective result is guaranteed!

A product that stands out for its practicality and comfort?

Desk Evolution! It is absolutely perfect for chaotic and rather crowded contexts where you need to have a tidy table, ready to ‘meet’ your visitors.


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