The 2BOX Safety Line safety barriers are particularly suitable to delimit effectively temporary work areas. Thanks to their high visibility and the signs placed on them, they are the ideal product to separate work areas, protect operators or people who can’t access to forbidden areas.

Their great visibility, combined with the lightness and ease of use, make it an effective product and particularly suitable to follow safety standards and the requirements of Law 81/08, further to perform the dictates of the safety and security managers reported by the D.U.V.R.I.


  • Efficent delimitation of the area
  • Signaling by following rules
  • Single-sided or double-sided
  • Standard graphics (for standard use)
  • Possibility of customization (logos, signs, colors)
  • Any kind of graphics can be printed
  • High quality materials: aluminum for the frame, pvc fire resistance class 1
  • Possibility to change the graphics in complete autonomy


  • Modular (you can to hook and unhook panels following your need)
  • Foldable (many meters in a small space)
  • Quick and easy installation (you can install it in a few moments)
  • Compact size (you can store it anywhere, even in the boot of a car)
  • Light
  • Robust
  • Self-supporting (when making a corner)
  • Availability of accessories (support plate, gel holder-plate, hook for people counting photocells)
  • Two widths (0.8m or 1.0m panels)

Social distancing

They are the ideal solution for Hospitals, Healthcare Companies, Nursing Homes, Clinics because they allow a fast and effective signaling of paths and separation of forbidden areas. The lightness, modularity and the opportunity to add or remove panels, by reducing or increasing the square footage in complete autonomy, allow you to easily modify paths and off-limits areas according to your needs.
  • Separate access areas
  • Directing people
  • Visible delimitation of areas
  • Safety warnings and notices
  • They allow the sanitation of people with dispenser holder
  • They allow the registration of people with table

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