Create a safe environment with 2BOX

Safety is a key factor and must be considered a priority in any activity that poses a risk to people’s health or physical well-being.

Safety is important in many contexts: in companies, in the transport sector, in construction, in hospitals and especially during large-scale events such as concerts, football matches, fairs or political events where the well-being of the participants must be guaranteed. 2BOX offers a specialised product designed to ensure order and safety in every place: Safety Line.

Safety Line is the ideal product to ensure safety in every context

The perfect solution for hospitals, healthcare companies, nursing homes and clinics, it allows for the fast and effective creation of walkways and the separation of closed-off areas.


The lightness, modularity and the possibility to add or remove panels, thereby reducing or increasing the square footage in complete autonomy, allows you to easily modify walkways and closed-off areas according to your needs.

Safety Line provides an efficient means of separating access areas, directing people, visibly delimiting areas and signalling warnings.

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