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Sports events are occasions when fans meet to attend and participate in sports competitions. Those dedicated to racing, on the other hand, are specifically focused on speed races or the exhibition of products related to the sector.

Both sports and racing events are an opportunity to experience the excitement of a competition and often represent an opportunity to show and promote products and services related to sports and racing, creating a strong cohesion between participants and spectators.

Promo Line, Display Easy, Stand Evolution and Desk Evolution are perfect for this particular type of event.

Ideal for communication in the sports field: Promo Line and Display Easy

The modularity of this product allows you to better convey the values and uniqueness of your brand. And in addition, through the ability to customise the graphics, a strong visual impact is assured even in wide open spaces such as sports races.


The Display Easy display walls are particularly suitable for advertising in the sports field.

Their simplicity of assembly means they can be quickly and easily installed under gazebos, at the entrance of halls and gyms, but also in outdoor spaces, while the graphics create a great visual impact whether single-sided or double-sided.

They adapt to any sporting environment and allow the creation of entire boxes or walkways, where you can affix logos, brands and promotions to amplify your advertising campaign to the max.

Stand and Desk Evolution: for useful and effective advertising in sports

The flexibility offered by the modularity of the panels allows you to create infinite configurations so that the mere presence of the stand will capture the interest of all visitors present.

Desk Evolution is a product of the 2BOX line characterised by its extraordinary practicality. It is perfect for particularly chaotic sporting contexts, where it is absolutely necessary to present yourself in an orderly and welcoming manner.

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