Ball Storage Rack

Ball Storage Rack

An innovative and unique product: the ball storage rack for gyms and sports halls can store at least twelve balls in the single version and up to thirty balls in the double version.

You can store balls of all types: basketballs, volleyballs, but also footballs and other sports. The wheels at the bottom allow the trolley to be moved smoothly.

  • Light and easy to handle.
  • Storage of a large number of balls in a small space.
  • Great visual impact.
  • Equipped with multiple support shelves.
  • Can be stacked to accommodate twice as many ball
  • Can be used individually or in a double version.
  • Customisable with graphics and different types of materials.
  • Can be printed with sponsors or team logos.
  • Transportable in any environment.
  • Can be used in multiple conformations: single, double, corner and linear.
  • Can be used in pre-match workouts as well as moments of leisure and          fun.

2BOX Ball Storage Rack: Unique and Customisable

The aluminium structure makes it very light and easy to transport.

The front is fully customisable with materials such as PVC, TNT and rigid panels. It is possible to insert double-sided graphics, so that publicity messages can be placed on both sides.

The graphics can be replaced in a few moments; just disassemble a vertical pillar on one side, remove the graphics panel and replace with a new one before screwing the pillar back on.

The double version, which uses our special patented 2BOX (2lock) couplings to connect the units, holds a minimum of 24 balls. Once in place, it can be opened and the balls extracted from either side.

Ideal not only for sport, but also for effective advertising!

The 2BOX ball storage rack can be used to store balls in gyms, store rooms and even on sports pitches and courts with a double result: simple and tidy ball storage and high impact advertising, thanks to the graphics panels placed on one side of the structure.

The 2BOX ball storage rack can be used during a team’s pre-match warm-ups and during training, as well as in free-shot and triple-shot basketball competitions.

Thanks to the 2BOX ball storage rack, ball storage has never been so simple and tidy: contact us to get yours!

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