Fairing Stand

The piece of equipment desired by every team and mechanic in racing

Useful and functional, the 2BOX Fairing Stand is just what every racing team would like to have: foldable and in aluminium, it holds the components of the bike when they are disassembled. Thanks to the safe and comfortable supports, it can easily hold the fairing, the side fairing, the side panels, the tail section, the lower fairing and the fuel tank.



  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Customisable.
  • Compact during use.
  • Reduced dimensions even when not in use or when stored in trucks or            vans.
  • Fits in any space.
  • Multiple support surfaces, including one specifically for the tank.
  • Interlocking for the tail section and fairing.
  • Aluminium structure.

The 2BOX Fairing Stand: foldable and customisable

The fairing stand is foldable and can be stored in very small spaces when not in use. Weighing less than 3 kg, it is adjustable in width so that it can accommodate fairings, windshields and fuel tanks of different sizes.

The vertical tubes at the ends are equipped with rubber spherical tips, to securely attach the fairing at the front and the motorcycle tail section at the rear.

The rubber supports on the horizontal crossbars of level two mean that even large tanks can be safely supported.

The aluminium table at the front can be customised with logos and images.

How to use the 2BOX Fairing Stand

On the front vertical pipes you can rest both the fairing and the windshield, adjusting the width of the frame as needed. On the rear vertical tubes, the motorcycle’s tail section is easily accommodated.

As mentioned above, the fuel tank can be stored on the horizontal supports on the second level. Again, it is possible to place tanks of different sizes by adjusting the front of the stand. The surface is equipped with special rubber rings which allow the tank to be supported safely and prevent slipping.

On the horizontal supports on the first level it is possible to place the lower fairing so that it doesn’t touch the ground. Again, the width of the base can be adjusted accordingly.

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