Helmet Rack

Stand Air Helmet: the helmet storage rack which is invaluable for drivers, riders and more

The 2BOX product range now includes a new innovative aluminium foldable shelf unit, indispensable for teams and drivers of all categories of sports competitions, from two to four-wheel engines and more.

Stand Air Helmet is 2BOX’s aluminium shelf unit for racing and is available in two heights: one-metre and two-metres. It includes multiple shelves on different levels on which you can place anything from tools to gloves, helmets, water bottles and PCs.

There is a special shelf designed specifically for helmets. Made of DiBond aluminium, it has a fan inside that ventilates and dries sweat inside the helmet. The fan, equipped with 3 selectable speeds, is powered by a USB cable, which can be connected to a PC, a UPS/Power-bank or a simple power outlet.

Stand Air Helmet: The Power of Lightness

The aluminium frame weighs only 4 kg in the one-metre high version and 7.5 kg in the two-metre version. It is foldable and takes up very little space when closed up. It is the ideal piece of equipment for every team, because the unique lightness of the product, combined with the generous capacity of each shelf, makes it easy and inexpensive to transport even by ship or air.

Custom graphics: Ideal for impactful advertising

Stand Air Helmet can be used with open sides, without graphics, or with different graphics placed on each of the three sides.

Any type of material can be used: we at 2BOX favour the use of ring-sewn TNT, because it is light and economical. Printing is of excellent quality and with a strong impact in terms of colours and yield.

Using the double-sided ring TNT you can print different graphics on each side, so that you can choose the graphics to use in each event. A team that supports different drivers in multiple categories can use the Stand Air Helmet rack with different graphics at each event.

And to replace the graphics? Very fast; just disconnect a pillar and replace the TNT rings.

Scope of use and capacity

The Stand Air Helmet rack can be used in any environment. It was designed mainly for use on racing circuits, in pit lanes and in hospitality areas, but it can be used just about anywhere.

Drivers and riders can use it to store helmets, gloves, water bottles and much more, while mechanics can place their work tools there. In hospitality areas it can be used to store cutlery, dishes and everything you need to make the hospitality area functional and visually appealing.

Areas of use:

  • Car racing pit lanes for drivers and mechanics.
  • Motorcycle race pit lanes for riders and mechanics.
  • Paddock area for teams and rally drivers.
  • Paddock area for Motor Cross teams and riders.
  • Paddock area for SuperMotard teams and
  • Paddock area for Kart teams and
  • Cycling race pit lanes.
  • Hospitality a

Despite the small dimensions, it can hold up to four shelves in the one-metre-high version and up to five shelves in the two-metre version.

The shelves are made of DiBond sandwich aluminium and it is possible to have the helmet dryer function in each structure and on more than one shelf. The dryer has joints that allow a secure housing to the frame of the shelf; it is supplied with a blank surface to which you can affix graphics at will.

The main compositions of the product are highlighted below. The possibility to add and remove individual components means you can create complete stands of different types, depending on the needs of those who use it.


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