Tyre storage rack

Ideal for motorcycle and automotive teams

The 2BOX tyre storage rack allows for the quick and safe storage of tyres for motorcycle and automotive teams, as well as for tyre dealers and mechanics

The 2BOX tyre storage rack is removable: it consists of two painted shoulders, placed to the left and right of the product, and four horizontal crossbars in galvanised tubing which connect the two shoulders and support the tyres.


  • Sturdy, lightweight and stable.
  • Can be assembled and disassembled in a few moments.
  • When disassembled can be stored in small spaces.
  • Up to 8 sets of motorcycle tyres can be stored.
  • Can be used with special wheel suspension systems with thermal                  blankets to heat the ty

Structure and functionality of the 2BOX tyre rack

The horizontal crossbeams are made of galvanised tubing, for a high quality product free from dents and scratches.

The shoulders are made of black painted steel tube.The horizontal crossbars fit perfectly into the holes of the horizontal reinforcement tubes so as to accommodate the tyre support tubes in a precise, robust and stable manner.

Once the horizontal tubes have been inserted into the appropriate holes, they can be locked using the threaded knobs supplied.

The trolley is equipped with four wheels at the bottom, two swivelling and two fixed, for ease of handling and transport.

At the bottom, the two swivel wheels have a brake lever which prevents the trolley moving unintentionally and maintains stability.

The trolley can accommodate the particular suspension system of the wheels during heating operations with thermal blankets; our patented 2BOX system.

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