Stand Evolution

The patented stand, lightweight and easy to assemble

As with all 2BOX products, our Stand Evolution is characterised by its lightness and installation speed. It takes no time at all to build a corner formation which is self-supporting, stable and robust.

Available in single and double versions, it comes in various standard sizes, although it can be supplied in custom sizes on request.

The practical and convenient stand that everyone has been waiting for


The modularity of the panels makes it possible to create many types of stand, thus leaving room for the imagination of the user, while at the same time adapting to different needs and requirements.


The stand is completely customisable with logos, images and advertising messages.

Size and features

The shelves and counters are made of HPL, a material that guarantees quality and durability in both indoor and outdoor contexts. The double-sided printed TNT wall fabric allows you to use multiple graphic settings on a single stand, so you can quickly change the message you want to communicate.

The structure can be closed on all four sides, turning the stand and counters into a storage space for materials, objects, products and work tools to achieve an orderly and eye-catching environment. The ease with which individual components can be added and removed allows you to create complete stands of different types. The main compositions and dimensions are highlighted below.


Easy transportation and reduced assembly time

The particular conformation of the components of the stand means that it can be stored in very small spaces and is therefore easily transportable. At the same time set-up speeds are reduced to just a few moments: in fact it takes only two minutes to completely assemble!


Ideal for areas and sectors such as: 

  • Conferences
  • In-store event
  • Trade fairs
  • Village fairs
  • car salons
  • Showroom
  • Shopping malls
  • Sporting events

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