2BOX Safety Line safety barriers

The 2BOX Safety Line safety barrier

The safety barrier of the 2BOX line is modular, meaning panels can be coupled and uncoupled as needed.

Available in two widths, respectively 80 cm and 100 cm, the panels can also be supplied in custom sizes on request.

To effectively delimit temporary work areas

The 2BOX Safety Line safety barrier is highly visible thanks to the signs placed on it, and is the ideal product for separating work zones and protecting operators and people who could enter off-limit areas.

You can also customise the panels with logos, images, and advertisements.

Size and features

Their high visibility, combined with their light weight and ease of use, makes the Safety Line barriers effective and particularly suitable for complying with safety regulations and the requirements of Law 81/08, allowing you to better follow the dictates of safety managers and the D.U.V.R.I.

The panels are very light and robust, and become self-supporting when a corner is formed. The quality of the materials is very high, the barrier is in fact made of aluminium and the PVC graphics are fire resistant (resistance class 1). The panels are foldable, and once folded up they take up very little space. They can be used in single-sided or double-sided versions.

As mentioned above the panels are available in two widths (80 cm or 100 cm) with a height of 100 cm, and can be joined together as shown.

Quick and fast accessories and assembly speeds

Accessories such as the picket or the support plate are ideal for contexts where it is more difficult to guarantee stability, while maintaining ease and speed of installation.

Small and easy to assemble, discover the size!

Ideal for areas and sectors such as:


  • Conferences
  • Trade fairs
  • Village fairs
  • Sporting events
  • Gyms

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