Transparent Led & Iposter

Active and revolutionary digital communication

Visual communication is the base of any communication strategy: from a shop to a shopping center, from exhibition desks to congress centers, sports centers and trade fairs.

The use of a visible, dynamic and high-impact communication for promotional activities brings greater effectiveness and improves marketing and sales opportunities.

Our LED Displays are the top in the market and allow unparalleled immersive communication. Thanks to our LED Displays you can create animated campaigns, videos, interactive promotions, starting from the single display on display up to specifically structured solutions according to your needs.

The LED displays offered by 2BOX can be managed by remote for more complex systems, but also with a simple and intuitive local programming. Thanks to the programming software and the connection interface, they can be managed from a simple PC using Wi-Fi connectivity.

Discover the available LED Display models and related accessories

Transparent LED screen are designed for a wide range of applications like for example in retail windows, restaurants, shopping centers and museums. With a pixel spacing ranging from 2.5 to 3.33mm and a brightness between 1000nits and 7500nits, they are the brightest transparent LEDs in the world.

The NP Transparent LED display represents a communication system which revolutionizes the visual communication, thanks to the particular shape of their LED strips that makes them transparent. When the display is running, it is possible to transmit your messages and videos with a unique quality. By using their transparency, it is possible to create unique messages with a great visual impact.

Once installed, their transparency allow the passage of the sunlight or artificial light inside any environment: for this reason, it is particularly suitable for shop windows, shops, bars, and can also be placed inside a window.


  • Easel stand
  • Floor support
  • Glass support
  • Ceiling support
  • Free positioning

It is also possible to hang the LED Display by using steel cables or our useful accessories available that can transform it into a blackboard, a vertical display, an exhibition wall, a banner, a totem.


They are LED displays for active visual communication via iPoster LED: the future of communication passes through here, by revolutionizing the world of digital visual communication and by offering new opportunities for visibility and visual communication. The IPoster-model can work individually or with multiple screens, which can be easily connected to each other. The connection between them and their programming are very simple thanks to the integrated player that allows an easy and immediate management of the images.

Our models allow the viewing on a single module or up to 6 modules, allowing you to create a real digital screen 3600 cm wide and 1900 cm high.

Their connection is very easy, the setting of the display options is very quick and they can be managed independently. The IPoster displays can be placed on the ground, on trolleys or hung on the wall.

Our experience in the sector is available to customers in order to study the best solution for their communication.

LED Display: advantages

  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Portable and movable (thanks to its accessories)
  • Quick to install
  • Modular (iPoster can be expanded by connecting up to 6 modules)
  • High visibility thanks to LED technology


  • In-store communication
  • Shop windows
  • Sport events
  • Exhibitions
  • Cultural events
  • Car salon
  • Tourism
  • Shopping centers
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Catering
  • Hotel
  • Sport centers
  • Convention centers
  • Airports

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