Visual Wall

Designed for an advanced Visual Communication

Our display walls are easy to install, light and strong. Made of raw aluminum with tube diameter 22 mm. They are available in two sizes of height and two in width.

At the base of the walls it is possible to use plates / feet, made of steel, which give the structure further stability. There are different types of plates, intended for several uses: the rectangular model or the round base, which is heavier and particularly suitable for single installations. There is also the double plate, which unite two walls by creating single one. Combined with the double plastic joint, you’ll transform 2 walls into a single one and create quickly and easily angles of various inclinations.

Thanks to the modularity of our display walls, you can create exhibiting structures and separate quickly different areas – even with high-impact graphics.

This solution is ideal to create exhibiting walls or simple advertising banners, but you can also create real and big exhibiting structures and promotional boxes.

Display walls: advantages

  • Low cost
  • Stable and self-locking
  • Lightweight and very stable
  • Quick to assemble and transport
  • Possibility of creating continuous exhibiting walls
  • Possibility of creating entire advertising boxes and stands for fairs
  • Availability of feet of different shapes and different materials for the panels
  • Detachable and customizable graphics

2BOX display walls: comparison and applications

Compared to common exhibiting walls or rollups, 2BOX exhibiting walls are more solid and stable. Thanks to their lower plates and supporting frame, the sail effect, common in rollup, is reduced.

By using a rollup, it have to affix counterweights on the bases to make them stable and straight, or to tie them to doors, beams and any other support to prevent them from falling due to an impact or a gust of wind.

With 2BOX exhibiting walls you get the correct stability for your communication: find out in how many contexts you can use them.


On the 2BOX exhibiting walls it is possible to apply every kind of graphics, printed on PVC or fabrics. We can realize Single-sided and double-sided walls, but also simple roll-ups. If you place several walls side by side and connected with multiple feet, it is possible to create entire wall with continuous advertising

They are particularly suitable for in-store advertising, exhibitions, sport events and exhibition corners, as well as for representation activities such as promotional desks or reception.

  • Printable on any fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Modular
  • Stable
  • Possibility to create a large advertising
  • Possibility to create a continuous wall


The 2BOX exhibiting walls are particularly suitable also for communication in the sports field. Their simplicity in assembly and solidity allow you to install them quickly everywhere: under gazebos, at the entrance to sports halls and gyms, but also in outdoor spaces, obtaining a great visual impact from the graphics used, whether single-sided or double-sided. They can be used everywhere in every sports environment and allow the realization of entire boxes or routes, where logos, brands and promotions can be affixed by maximizing the communication campaign.
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Possibility to create a large advertising
  • Printable on any fabric
  • Possibility to create a continuous wall


The 2BOX exhibiting walls are also successfully used in the field of safety. In fact, they make it possible to separate places, control people flow, close off areas, distance places and things from people, secure areas or individual spaces. They can be also personalized with custom graphics of signals and visual communication of warnings, precautions and risks in certain environments.
  • Delimitation and separation of zones
  • Identification of specific areas
  • Visual communication
  • Safety communication
  • Control people flow
  • Close off areas


The 2BOX walls are particularly suitable for social distancing, delimitation of areas and the lock of areas linked to security procedures dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic risk.

In fact, they make it possible to delimit areas, outdistance and separate people, affix specific safety messages and warnings printed on the walls in order to better counter the current health emergency.

  • Distancing people
  • Separation and circumscription of areas
  • Control of people flows
  • Creation of covid-free areas within specific areas
  • Visual communication of signaling

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